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The need for custom crates in different businesses


Are you planning on starting a business where you would have to ship products to far-flung places? Well, in that case, the right crates and custom packaging solutions would sure come in handy. They’d provide the goods the appropriate protection when being sent off to distant places. Good crate suppliers in South Africa offer customized solutions for businesses and products of all kinds. So, in this post, we’ve tried listing some of the benefits of opting for custom crates for shipping items both domestically, as well as internationally.


Advantages of using custom crates


Size matters - Oversized items can’t be fit into regular or generic crates and require careful handling at every stage of the transportation chain. Thus, by arranging for custom crates from renowned crate suppliers in South Africa, you can effectively reduce the chances of damage to your goods, whether you are shipping large industrial equipment or just a random, big, and heavy item. Some of the different items may also need reinforced support, like food service equipment, livestock feeders, engines for trucks or some other similar large vehicle, and industrial generators, among the notable. In fact, without reinforced support platforms, moving such large and heavy products could not only be difficult but can also be very dangerous.


Odd shapes need special attention - Most products do not fit neatly into square or rectangular boxes, and thus, you would end up needing special or custom crates for those products. Some of the most common products that need custom crates and packaging include stacked chairs, desks and other room furnishings, sculptures and exhibits, and computer workstations. This is where we shine. Our teams have years of experience in coming up with robust and reliable custom crate packaging for all kinds of products. We make sure that your products are completely safe throughout the transportation process and you can rest easy, knowing that you’re working with the best.


Fragile items require more protection – Professional crating services have the right expertise and can give you the proper guidance needed to protect delicate items from damage. So, when you are transporting electronic equipment, precision components for big equipment, or medical devices, you’d have to protect them from all kinds of vibrations and impacts. This is where custom crate suppliers in South Africa come in handy. We take pride in our robust crating products that are frequently referred to as the best in the business when it comes to transporting fragile equipment. We make sure that your product reaches its destination safely, whether it’s going to a different part of the country, or being shipped to a different corner of the world.


Custom crates heighten reputation – Good quality crates hold up well even in adverse situations, thereby being of much help when it comes to handling and transporting odd-shaped or considerably large items. They are thus great for meeting strict and timely deadlines and making a strong impression on your clients. Moreover, a good crating company would also be able to provide you the right insight into the various nitty-gritty of packaging to help make the shipping process a tad smoother.



Crates come in various shapes and sizes. They can be made of different materials and may serve different purposes. Hence, choosing the right crate for the right product makes sense. It is all about understanding the shipping plan, anticipating the troubles that the product may face, the budget you have, and analyzing the product itself. All this together helps in coming up with the right crate option for the product and its safe transit.


The Packhouse is one of the few reliable shipping experts around. We are known for our special packaging and are considered one of the best crate suppliers in South Africa. For over 20 years, we have been providing excellent packaging solutions to businesses around the globe and have industry experts who tirelessly work on crafting custom solutions for clients, so that your shipments reach their destination in optimal condition. Moreover, we also help new businesses take advantage of our experience in the shipping process and help them learn about the right way to package products.


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