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Glass Bottle Supplier

Choosing the right glass bottle supplier isn’t hard anymore!


You’ve probably already heard that the way you package your product and present it to the world has a big impact on its appeal. So, whether you are looking to increase the shelf life of a homebrew, or looking for a perfect glass bottle for the jam to retail to your customers, glass bottles have come a long way and have myriad uses. They not only provide a good look and feel but also protect and preserve without impacting the taste of what’s inside. In short, very few packaging options are quite so comprehensive.


Finding the right glass bottle for your product


Always go for quality – Once you’ve looked over the internet for “glass bottle supplier near me”, and found the best bottles supplier in South Africa, make sure that the glass jars that you choose are of good quality – as it directly impacts your business in various ways. The first is aesthetics, as quality glass bottles look attractive and convey a sense of luxury. Plastic never really has the same level of appeal. The second reason for using quality glass bottles is that they ensure the product remains perfectly preserved. Glass bottles are airtight and cool and thus increase the shelf life of goods. Moreover, there are no concerns about toxins leaching into the product, as may be the case with certain plastic bottles.


Find a bottle that suits your product – When choosing a reliable “glass bottle supplier near me” or the perfect bottle for the product, there are tons of considerations that should go into making the right decision, such as affordability, on-time delivery, as well as whether the bottle preserves the product well. While amber coloured glass bottles are a fantastic way to present ale, oils and sauces are better packaged in tall, clear glass bottles. As for pickles and chutneys, small round jars with an airtight top are better suited for the job. Different products have different requirements and thus choose wisely.


Make your product stand out – Glass always heightens the appeal of a product and helps feed into a perception of your product being of higher quality or unique. In fact, a unique bottle or glass jar will help your product stand out from the competition on the shelf. Our range of glass jars and bottles cater to all kinds of products, whether you’re looking for a jar for your homebrew or looking for a new packaging option for your existing product line-up.


Here are a few questions that you shouldn’t hesitate from asking your supplier:


• How long has the company been in the industry?
• Do they offer competitive prices?
• Do they offer special prices for bulk orders?
• Are they the real manufacturer of the bottles or simply resellers?
• Where are they located?
• What are their shipping costs?
• What is their return policy?
• Do they offer sample bottles?


In most cases, a reliable bottles supplier in South Africa whom you probably found online when searching for “glass bottle supplier near me”, would allow easy access to all kinds of information pertaining to the bottles, volume pricing, and their shipping and return policy. That said, it is often worthwhile to order small as a test or ask for product samples.


Why choose our glass bottles?


At The Packhouse, we believe that practical and appealing bottles attract consumers and protect the products inside, thereby helping brands grow. Thus, we offer an impressive variety of glass bottles, jars, and closures, offering businesses the packaging they need for their products to hit the market. Whether you’re a small business looking to scale up, or a big enterprise looking to optimize, finding the right creative packaging is a great way of finding a firm footing in the competitive market.


At The Packhouse, nothing makes us prouder than knowing that we are a supporting cog in the growth of your business. Our company started operating in 2009 and has been providing reliable packaging solutions and logistical expertise to entrepreneurs ever since. Our continued goal has been to bring value to businesses through every step of the packaging evolution with our partnerships, expertise, and resources. We’ve built our reputation on quality products and excellent service. We listen more than we talk and thrive on living up to expectations.


Looking for jars for your skin cream? Perhaps you need them for jams and pickles? Shop to your heart's desire. Browse through our detailed product catalogue to find glass bottles of all shapes, sizes, colours, and styles. Being one of the best bottles supplier in South Africa, we have an expansive selection of glass containers, so take your pick. However, if you need advice or are looking for a particular bottle or container, feel free to connect with us at +27 (0)33 342 7305 or via


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